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In my private practice, I work directly with each student to help him or her identify their learning profile, strengthen their learning skills with brain-based/metacognitive strategies, and mentor them how to advocate for their learning needs.  As an educational therapist, I use a variety of teaching methods and learning strategies for individualized, intensive instruction that are tailored to each student's specific learning style and needs. 


1.  A complimentary thirty-minute initial interview via phone or in person to learn about the background of your student.  Additional time will be billed at my hourly rate. 

2.  The initial session with student and parent includes assessment to determine need and length of support.  All sessions are confidential between student, family and myself.  Overall, a written educational plan, including individualized goals will be developed, implemented, and monitored.  Sessions are located at my office in Kentfield, California, centrally located.


3.  Sessions are 55 minutes in length.  If the session runs over, additional time will be billed at my hourly rate, per ¼ hour increments.   This includes a written billing and services policy.

Online sessions via skype, email, and/or google docs will be billed per ¼ hour increments.  Any additional email, phone conversations with parent or teachers, and travel to/from student's school will also be billed per ¼ hour increments.  

Cancellations–– Sessions must be cancelled or rescheduled no later than 24 hours ahead of time. A session that is cancelled without sufficient notice will be designated as “missed” and will be charged as a full session.  No exceptions will be made to this policy.


In the event that I have to cancel a session, no fee is charged. The student may opt to receive a make-up session. 


Payment––Payment for each session must be received before or at the beginning of each scheduled session.  I accept checks, cash or credit card ($4 service fee).  You may choose one of the following options:

                        • Session by session basis – payment due at time of session for each session

                        • Monthly payment plan – I will invoice you at the beginning or end of each month

4.  Please bring any previous testing, completed forms, copies of teacher comments/grades, and examples of two pieces of written work from this year. 


I will provide the usual materials (e.g., pens, paper, pencils, folders).   If specific materials are needed, I will obtain them (with your prior permission) or give you a list to purchase. Reimbursement for these materials will be added to the weekly/monthly statement.

I work with students from the following schools:

  • The Bay School of San Francisco

  • The Urban School    

  • Redwood High School, Tamalpais High School

  • Archie Williams High School

  • Marin Academy

  • Marin School of the Arts, Novato and San Marin High School

  • The Branson School

  • San Rafael High School

  • Marin Catholic High School

  • Drew School

  • Fusion Academy

  • San Domenico High School




Additionally, I work with students attending local and national colleges and universities.


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