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TESTIMONIALS...from parents, students, and colleagues...


Weekly sessions with Nancy have been incredibly helpful in my son's development.  She has helped him build a strong framework for how to approach his studies and has done so in a structured yet friendly and encouraging way.  She has also helped us as parents learn how to more calmly, effectively (and positively) give support at home to reinforce his growth.  She has helped him gain more control of his studies and built up his self-confidence.  My only regret is that we didn't find Nancy sooner! - M.M., parent of an 11th grader


I have to say thank you so much -  I think your process (College Essays/Statement) was really important for my son - it got him started early and definitely got him motivated to write. He is nearly finished in the final editing phase. I think that even though he was a little teen snarky about you telling him to dig deeper - it totally worked. I have recommended you to other people and would be happy to be a reference.



We wanted you to know that all your hard work with our son in high school paid off - he graduated college!  You truly were a bright light for him during his high school years and helped him in so many ways during a tough time.  Thank you for being such a lovely person and for connecting with a kid who was struggling at that time and benefited from your help and guidance.  All the best. -L.H. parent

Best report card my son has had since elementary school.  And he says it is due to the sessions with you. Thank you!

-A.V.S. parent of 11th grader


Nancy is an outstanding communicator and collaborator.  Ongoing, is her work with present parents and future parents – whether it is applying for accommodations for the College Board, giving advice on tutorial support or college choices.  Her ability to interpret and explain testing reports, communicate learning differences, and design Independent Educational Plans for students is exceptional. -M.O.,Academic Dean


I love what y'all are doing together.  He is also jazzed. But he is not so sure he can bring grades up. I think he doubts his capabilities.  I am definitely impressed with how diligently he is working on stepping up his game.  So a huge big thank you. He feels like he is gaining tools and support. - T.S., parent of 10th grader


Nancy’s ability to thoughtfully connect with my daughter and her talented teaching in how to organize, study and all things student-related were remarkable.  She helped her understand her learning style and added confidence-building techniques.  The cornerstone of her program was strategizing with all involved to aid students to be academically successful.  Nancy developed and implemented outstanding curriculum that focuses on organization and study skills. -E.G., parent


You've worked wonders and we are ever grateful to you for cracking the code to help my son receive accommodations on the ACT and SAT tests.  – J.V.S., parent

Thanks for your help in shepherding students into constructive study habits, with a smile and encouragement!  – E.S., parent

Nancy is just incredible!  She is the reason my son got up to go to school, the person without whom he could not have made it through high school. – B.T.V., parent


Thank you for offering my daughter understanding, safety, humor and intellectual encouragement. You have been the most important person to her and we are very grateful.  – H.W., parent 

I want to thank you so much for teaching my son the important study skills for four years.  I wish you all the best of luck next year.  – The  L. family

You are well-educated and not a new teacher; you are experienced.  Consequently, you are not offended or intimidated by adolescent behavior.  You are wise, patient, and nurturing.  Your imagination and your ability to motivate have given my son a wonderful education.  THANK YOU!  – L.S., parent

Nancy, shines very bright in two areas.  The first is her expertise as a learning specialist – from accommodation sorting such as test accommodations, sorting through specialist papers, getting information passed from middle school to high school and to college, etc., to making sure each student is equipped for what they need at school or in testing situations.  No matter the disability, Nancy has this area on lockdown - she’s solid!  There are those who walk quietly and carry a big stick, and Nancy is a shining example of this proverb.  Although, she may not elude to parents and teachers the depth of her knowledge and expertise, for students she makes it very clear.  They can succeed with the proper tools and accommodations no matter what areas are difficult for them.  The second area Nancy shines is in her ability to motivate and connect with her students.  I say students on purpose, because Nancy is not just a learning specialist, she is a teacher too.  Whether it comes to preparing a student for a test (Nancy will help research a subject for a student if needed) or students just need to learn the tools that help them with their schoolwork, Nancy is there to help with overflowing support and enthusiasm.  She is the sole reason some students feel like they can achieve in school.  - R.L., student

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