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My services are designed to help students experiencing academic challenges, both at home and at school.  As an experienced  Educational Therapist and Learning Specialist, I coach students in skills and strategies that will remediate a learning challenge.  The methods I use enable students to understand and identify their weakness area and to learn strategies to strengthen that area. 


These interventions naturally allow students to be more willing to "take on" and "try" new ways of thinking about challenges.  In some cases, the students master the weakness area entirely.  Implementing new learning strategies to compensate for challenge areas is the remediation.  The students also become more confident and this in turn, will help them to manage homework effectively and be more successful in the academic environment.


Any type of student can benefit greatly from this service.  My experience includes students with motivational issues, executive functioning deficit, dyslexia, processing issues, ADD/ADHD, gifted, anxiety, and any mild to moderate learning differences.


I offer specialized coaching in the following areas: 


o    Test-taking skills:  preparing for mid-terms and final exams


o    Note-taking skills: finding the right method for you


o    Organizational skills: managing notebooks, calendars, planners and devices


o    Time management skills: how to plan and prioritize your schedule and responsibilities


o    Study skills: understand your learning style and how it can help you study

o    Weekly and Short/Long-term Goal setting and monitoring, including consistent feedback


o    Writing essays:  paragraph sequencing, five paragraph essays


o    Subject-specific support: English (including Reading Comprehension strategies),

      Social Studies, including all AP courses


o    College application essays and Personal Statements:  learn how to craft your writing, so that it is real

      and tells your story


In addition, I offer assistance in the following areas to further support students and their families in the school environment:


 o    Ensure that an appropriate support plan, such as an IEP or 504 Plan is in place for the school year

      and that the student is receiving the plan's intended accommodations or modifications.


o    Monitor the educational progress of the student in specific classes with teacher collaboration.


o    Support the use of assistive technologies in school or home environment.


o    Guide families in arranging psych-educational evaluations when appropriate.


o    Review and evaluate all standardized testing, report cards, and reports.


o    Support family to help coordinate securing accommodations on SAT and ACT exams.


o    Ongoing documentation of students who do not have formal IEPs for college preparation.


o    Provide educational consulting to parents regarding school-student relationships.


o   Collaborate with family on student's social emotional issues stemming from academic challenges.

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